Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blog Tour: Perfect Touch by Elizabeth Lowell

     Sara’s phone chimed and vibrated in her hand. She looked down, saw her partner’s phone number, and connected. For a few minutes Piper Embry would take Sara’s mind off the cold and the man whose deep voice wove through her dreams.

“Bought any great rugs lately?” Sara asked.

“I’ve got my eye on some that have me checking Perfect Touch’s bank balance.”

“What happened to consignment?”

“I’m working on it,” Piper said. “What’s this message you left about Wyoming?”

“I wrapped up the Chens early and came to Jackson.”

“I thought you were getting tired of flying all over the place.”

“I am.”

“But you’re still lusting after those Custers? Or is it Jay Vermilion of the incredible voice?”

“Wait until—if—I get my hands on those paintings,” Sara said, ignoring Piper’s teasing. “They will wring the hearts and pocketbooks of at least five of my clients, and go a long way toward reducing my world travel.”
Chilly air swirled hard against her, blowing her hair into a nearly-black cloud around her face.

“What’s that sound?” Piper asked.

“Wind. Spring here is long on bluster and short on cherry petals.”

Sara glanced around quickly, looking for shelter. All she saw was another odd arch leading into another part of the park. Or maybe out of it. Whichever, she opted to stay in the sun.

“You okay?” Piper asked. “Your voice is different. Kind of strained.”

“You know me too well. My room was robbed. Computer and coat are gone. But I’m fine. Don’t have time right now for some junkie’s drama. In five minutes the judge is supposed to finally deliver herself of a verdict on the Vermilion case.”



My Rockin' Review

     I've been missing me some Elizabeth Lowell! Exquisite writing, poetic scenery descriptions, action-packed, and a sweet romance.

     Sara is a self-proclaimed city girl who grew up on a poor farm. She's now an art critic and excels at her job. Jay is former military and has recently come into possesion of the family ranch which includes some very valubale paintings that his stepmother and his brother are fighting him over.

     Jay and Sara have been talking on the phone for months about the paintings and the attraction has bloomed. I found that to be a nice refreshing change to the book that have them meeting and falling into the love in two days. Although it doesn't take much time before they are burning the sheets.

     The first part of the book is rather slow in events but gives a good backstory on what's going on and hints of attraction and danger. Once it gets to the real action it goes almost non-stop till the end. Fast-paced suspense at its best.

     There one secondary character I wanted to punch in the face, that damn half-brother of Jay's, Barton. Pansy assed, chauvinistic pig.  There was a female helo pilot who served and it was mention in passing that her dirtbag husband left her while she was overseas and Barton, the jerk, said "Maybe she should have stayed home." As a female veteran that just ticked me off.

     Danger, action,  betrayal, and romance, just what a great suspense book is all about! If you like romantic suspense Ms. Lowell provides in this one!

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