Friday, July 31, 2015

Blog Tour: Truly Sweet by Candis Terry

“Forget something?” Her eyes narrowed just slightly and the silky blond ponytail hanging down her back swung to the side as she tilted her head in a way that suggested she was primed for a challenge.

“Not that I’m aware.”

“Uh-huh.” She tucked the stub of a standard yellow pencil behind her ear. “Guess you’ve been away too long to remember that most folks walk in here wearing a smile. Looks like you left yours at home.”

“Guess I’m just not much in the mood.”

“Seriously?” Her eyes narrowed a bit more, yet somehow a shower of silver sparks still managed to flash. “Why?”

He hated to use the word “Duh,” but it seemed so apropos.

“So . . .” Her shoulders lifted and dropped. “What? You’re going to let that walking cane snuff out the eternally grinning smartass that lives inside of you?”

Her comment hit its mark with stinging success.

Jake clenched his teeth and lowered his gaze to the laminated menu he’d been able to recite by heart since he’d been twelve. “Annabelle, how about you go away and give me a minute to look over the menu?”

“Because that would be a total waste of time, Jacob.”

His gaze jerked up again just as she shifted her weight to a position she probably intended as a show of obstinacy. Yet all it really managed to do was push her full breasts against that snug white Bud’s Diner T-shirt. Instinctively his gaze dropped lower to the little black skirt hugging nicely rounded hips and the pair of tanned shapely legs that ended with the sparkly blue sneakers on her feet. Liking what he saw, his gaze took that same slow ride back up her body.

When the hell had little Annie Morgan grown up and gotten so curvy?

“You can stare at that menu all day long,” she said through lips that were pink, plump, and glossy. Lips that looked like they needed to be kissed.

The unexpected and unwanted thought was like a splash of ice water in his face. Annie had been a pain in his backside for as long as he could remember. The last thing he should be doing was thinking about her damned mouth. Or her curvy body. To his dismay and against his commands, awareness tightened his body below the belt.

“In the end,” Annie continued, “you’re going to choose a double Diablo burger with extra peppers, a side of sweet potato fries—extra crispy, and a chocolate banana shake.”

Challenged, he leaned forward and met her glare. “How do you know what I want?”

“Because.” She planted her palm down on the table and leaned in till they were nearly nose-to-nose. “While you and your football buddies parked your cocky behinds in the booth by the door so all your minions could see you and come in to fawn all over you, some of us were slinging hash and cleaning up your mess after you left.”

He leaned back. “I don’t remember you working here.”

“Why would you?” She shifted her weight again and he’d have to be dead not to notice that somewhere between his last visit home and now Annie had become quite a knockout. “In those days you could barely see beyond Jessica Holt’s big brown eyes and bodacious ta-tas. I, Annie of the flat-as-a-surfboard chest and metal mouth, deterred your hormonal teenage boy scrutiny.”

She certainly wasn’t flat chested any more.

He could argue about the hormonal part, but why bother. In high school he’d been interested in three things; having fun, getting laid, and getting laid.

Some things were important enough to be counted twice.

“You make me sound like such a jackass.”

One corner of her luscious pink lips kicked upward. “You were.”

Yeah. He probably had been. And he wasn’t really sure he appreciated the reminder.

“So why are you working here now?” he asked, deftly changing the subject. “Didn’t you get enough slinging hash the first time around?”

“A girls got to earn a living somehow. Slinging hash is all I’ve ever really done. My hand-dipped chocolates haven’t exactly taken off like wildfire. And since Sweet’s street corners are already occupied with whiskey barrels and petunias, there isn’t any room for me to hang around waiting for customers.”

“Always the smartass,” he said.

“Takes one to know one.”



My Rockin' Review

     The end of the Wilder brothers! This is only my second foray into this series based in Sweet, Texas. I rather enjoyed the previous story Sweetest Surprise about Fiona Wilder, Jake's ex-sister-in-law and Mike Halsey. Annie and Jake have a history. A platonic history of their teenage years. Jake has always thought of Annie as a girl and essentially hands off. They confided in each other their secrets and dreams,  though, Jake has forgotten that in the years since.

     Jake, is a recently discharged Marine. He has just come back from war and a failed mission. He's having trouble getting past his wartime      experience and adjusting to life outside the military. He's got a huge chip on his shoulder and when he sees Annie again she, with the tough, smart-ass exterior attempts to knock it off him.

     Annie has loved Jake from afar for years. She'd run away and met someone who knocked her up and left her to fend for herself. She's come back to Truly to raise her son in the bosom of the Wilder clan. While Annie does love Jake, she sees him for who he is, faults and all. and it's so fun to watch her school him on the ways of love.

    The chemistry between these two was off the charts sexy! The verbal sparring and emotional conversations was perfect.  This was a delightfully sweet romance. It had me in tears and outright laughter more than once! The babies.. oh Jake! You DO deserve them! My heart hurt for him so bad and yet I wanted to kick his butt too! Annie, that fiesty woman, knows what she wants and what she won't except and that made her the perfect woman for Jake.

"...I deserve to be more than a one-night stand. More than just a cheerleader. More than just someone who pays the bills, cooks, and cleans. More than a doormat. I deserve to give myself to someone who’s willing to give himself back to me. One hundred percent..."

I will be going back at some point in my TBR pile and reading this series from the beginning. Those that have read it from the start will see that Mama Wilde gets her HEA in the end and I'd like to read that!