Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Blog Tour/Excerpt: The Highlander Takes a Bride

“Which is so unladylike,” she lectured herself under her breath. Her mother would be most disappointed in her, she knew.

“What is so unladylike?”

Saidh stiffened at the amused question from very close behind her. She instinctively started to turn, but her mother’s voice in her head made her stop. Sighing, Saidh shrugged in a way she hoped appeared nonchalant, and confessed, “I am. Or so me mother always told me.” Wry amusement filling her voice now, she admitted, “I fear being raised with so many brothers made me less o’ a lady than I should be. Me mother did her best to rein me in, but me father and brothers were o’ little help in the endeavor and in the end …” She shrugged. “She was fighting a losing battle.”

“Ye seem ladylike enough to me.”

The voice had moved away again and she could hear the rustle of material. He had no doubt laid out his plaid on the ground and was now crouched beside it, pleating the cloth in preparation of donning it. At least that was her guess, and she imagined him in her mind’s eye doing so, the rising sun glinting off his wide back. Shaking her head to remove the image, she cleared her throat and said, “I fear ye’ll no’ say that, once ye’ve heard me cursing like a warrior.”

“Cursing?” he asked, sounding startled at the very suggestion.

Saidh grimaced, but nodded. “Aye. ’Tis a bad habit I learned from me brothers. And they ha’e taught me the most foul curses.”

A sudden chuckle nearly had her turning again, but again she caught herself. Lifting her chin defiantly, she added, “I also wear English braies under me gowns so that I can ride astride. I ken no ladies who do that.”

“English braies?” This time he sounded rather bemused.

Saidh nodded and then caught a bit of her gown in hand to lift it to knee level and reveal the bottom of the braies she wore beneath.

“Where the devil did ye come up with that idea?” he asked with what might have been shock.

“It was me mother’s idea,” Saidh admitted as she let the gown drop back into place. “First she tried to stop me from riding astride and running about, climbing trees and rocks with me brothers, but when that did no’ work, she had the braies made for me.”

“Yer mother sounds a clever woman,” he decided, still sounding amused.

“Aye, she was,” Saidh said sadly.

My Rockin' Review

Lynsay Sand Rocks it! Saidh is a feisty, braies wearin' lady. Raised with SEVEN brothers, she can curse, fight, and ride like a man. She is who she is and is not ashamed of it at all. She's resigned herself to spinsterhood because she doesn't believe she'll ever find a man who can accept her for who she is. Until she meets Greer. The former warrior-for-hire, cursing, wenching, sword carrying Lord MacDowell falls for her spirited charm.

They are the perfect couple! Even little Alpine, the squire,  can tell they are the same!

The story is about Saidh's cousin Fennell and the fact that in four years she's lost four husbands! Poor Lady! Or is she, really?! Saidh, goes to see her cousin who is know the widow of Greer's cousin. She's wondering if Fennell has killed off all her husbands! Then someone sets out to kill Saidh! This part of it was shocking! No I'm not going to tell what happens, you'll have to read it to find out!

All seven of Saidh's brothers show up. *Swoon* Seven, big, brawny, kilt wearing, Scottish men... oops... 8 including Greer! I cannot WAIT to learn more about them! PLEASE, PLEASE let there be more of them!

The passion is hot. The romance swoon-worthy. The mystery a little who-dun-it but still kept you interested.
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