Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tour: Protector for Hire by Tawna Fenske

 Janelle glanced out the window again. A funny-looking black-and-white bird was picking at the remains of a box of french fries squashed into the asphalt. A woman in chaps walked bow-legged from a horse trailer at the gas pumps toward the front of a convenience store, a gust of snow dust swirling around her boots. Next to the bus sat a pickup truck so ancient, it had five colors of paint on its rusty hood. There was a man in dark sunglasses motionless behind the wheel.

Janelle stared. The driver stirred, then opened the door. A leg the size of a tree trunk swung out, followed by another, and Janelle felt her heart surge throbbing into her throat. There was nowhere for her to run.

Nowhere to hide if Jacques and his men came looking and—

The man slammed the door of the pickup and stared up at the bus, a permanent scowl etched into his clean-shaven face. As he tugged off his sunglasses, Janelle felt her heart skid back to a normal rhythm. Well, mostly normal.

The guy was huge. The guy was terrifying.

The guy was Schwartz.
The photos she’d seen of him were nearly a decade old, but she would have known those eyes anywhere. The clear gray-brown hue, their haunted depths, the deep fan of lines spread out from each corner.

But as much as she fixated on his eyes, she had to admit the rest of the package was pretty fine to admire as well. He was scary-big like his brothers, but well put together with broad shoulders and a chest that looked like he might be wearing armor plates under his faded flannel shirt. He had a slim waist and well-worn jeans that strained a bit over his—

“Ahem.” The bus driver cleared his throat. “You getting off, miss?”

I will be if I keep staring at that guy’s crotch.



My Rockin' Review

We get Schwartz's story! Yay!! Tall, Dark and mysterious Schwartz! While he is the last of the Patton brothers to get his story, he is the 2nd youngest of the family. He's been a recluse for years. I thought we were going to get a deep dark read... what was I thinking?! LOL Tawna is the best at quirky, humorous romance!


Janelle is Anna's (from Best Man for Hire) sister and she's on the run from crazy mobster ex-husband. What better protector than a guy who has stayed hidden from his military-driven family for 10 years? Janelle is snarky, sarcastic and bold! I loved her!!


Schwartz, what can I say about him. Lover of pop tarts, dog/wolf friendly, and oh such a hottie! He does have his demons but we don't see much of them.


The sex was hot, (phone sex was sweet/hot lol), the romance had a Beauty and the Beast type feel to it. Great humorous read with a sense of suspense! I'm going to miss those Patton men!