Monday, August 31, 2015

Quote-Tastic/Review: The Art of Sinning by Sabrina Jeffries

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Edwin Barlow, the Earl of Blakeborough and Jeremy start a "club" to protect sisters, and wards from rakes and scoundrels. But can they protect them from the club itself?

Jeremy Keane is a famous American artist who has traveled abroad finding subjects to paint his rather unorthodox paintings. He's known as a rakehell and a charming rogue. He frequents "nunneries" or rather brothels. In actuality, he uses the lower class to create his masterpieces. He's a dedicated artist and he's looking for a muse. He sees the goddess that is Yvette and has to paint her.

Yvette Barlow has had a nearly ruinous encounter with a charming rogue in the past. She feels she knows just what tricks Jeremy can pull and vows to avoid them. She only agrees to the scandalous portrait to gain entrance to the Covent Garden nunneries. She's in search of someone who associates with the nunneries.

Yvette and Jeremy were perfect for each other. Their secret nights of painting let them converse and get to know each other more than interacting in society would have done. They both had troubled pasts Jeremy's has made him run for years and Yvette has survived. I admired Yvette, she was very determined and would let nothing stop her from pursuing her task. Jeremy is such a sweetheart! Oh, he tries to be a rogue but inside he's such a protector. The tragedy in his past holds him tight though and he's not sure if he could ever love someone.

There is definitely some sinning going on during those secret visits. I found this quote to be funny in the midst of the sensual happenings.
“I assume that sculptors are terrible students of anatomy.”
“What?” he asked, clearly startled.
“On statues, the men’s privates are . . . well . . . small and demure.”
“Demure.” He uttered a choked laugh. “That’s because the men aren’t aroused, sweetheart. An aroused man looks very different from a man with his prick at rest.”

I truly enjoyed the secondary characters. We get just a smidgen of taste of whats to come with them and what the pairings might become. Poor Edwin deserves a good story. I've felt sorry for him for two books now.

The Sinful Suitors is a spinoff of the Duke's Men. Jeremy Keane was introduced in How the Scoundrel Seduces in a surprising twist. I would recommend you read the Duke's Men series before reading this because you'll get to know the backstory of the characters a little better. It's not necessary but they were some excellent stories and you should read them anyway. LOL :)




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