Monday, August 3, 2015

#Review : Bound with Honor by Megan Mulry

My Rockin' Review

Holy moly this was HOT! This was a tantalizing tale of how people can throw away societal norms. This tale has MM/MF/FF sex. Be warned. (If you couldn't tell by the cover!) I freely admit I picked it because it was something I've never read before. For my first Megan Mulry book it was delicious! I can't wait to read more!

Archie is a lord who grew up with two mothers. His family is unconventional to say the least. He is determined to find a wife that is only his. He wants a "normal" relationship. Yes, he's hypocritical, but this is his journey into finding himself. He has help in the form of his scientist lover Christopher and Selina, his wife. (I personally would loved to have more of Christopher!! YUMM!)

Selina is a free-spirited woman, she has a lover Beatrix who's gone away on tour. Beatrix knows Selina is developing feelings for Archie and has given her approval so it doesn't feel like cheating. Selina has been through some tough times and her courtship with Archie was tumultous.

The characters were well-developed, the relationships were believable, the sex was hot with dom/sub tendencies. (Christopher is definitely Dom and I really wanted more of him!) I'd recommend this to anyone one who like menage stories with a little bit of plot and some really fascinating relationships.