Thursday, August 27, 2015

Review: The Lords of Worth Series by Kelly Bowen

Lord's of Worth Series

I'm combining these reviews of the Lord's of Worth Series. If you'd like to read my review of the first book, I’ve Got My Duke To Keep Me Warm, you can find it here. I have enjoyed every story in this series and hope for more from Kelly Bowen really soon! I want more of Luke, Joseph and the Lady Eleanor. I'm not ready to let go of them! Kelly Bowen has become one of my favorite authors with this series. There's great fun, witty dialogue, exhilarating adventures, and passionate romances.

 A Good Rogue is Hard to Find

Deliciously entertaining, but with tremendous depth. The Duchess and the chickens were hilarious! The “rogue” in this story isn’t really a rogue and some of the plot is a little fanciful, but Bowen pulls it off. Will, Duke of Worth, is worried about his eccentric mother, and misses one of his chances to race his prize winning filly. The whole plot revolves around the prestigious Ascot race. Jenna, is a delightful, passionate and courageous young lady. I love the journey of how they go from antagonistic adversaries to a sweet romance. The first half is light hearted but the second has grim tendencies. I love how Bowen sneaks in some real gritty plot points. Excellent second book! I can’t wait to read about Will’s sister and best friend! ;)

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Love that Viola got her story! Poor girl need to grow up. Nathaniel was the perfect man to help her do so. The message about knowing what you really want in life and whose opinion should really matter was perfect for this short novella. I'm happy Viola found fulfillment in being a surgeons wife. She deserved a better story than just being a flighty, selfish character.

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Mystery and adventure reign again in this final novel of the Lord's of Worth! Heath, the Earl of Boden, is looking for wife who will take care of his domestic matters so he can concentrate on his business of making money. Only one thing interrupts his search, his desire for his best friends' sister, Lady Josephine "Joss" Somerhall.

Joss is an independent, intelligent woman.  She was sent abroad for her own safety years ago, and she has developed into a world traveler and a bluestocking. Her gift of languages is phenomenal. She has loved Heath since their childhood. She doesn't want to marry but she wants Heath anyway she can get him.

Heath is an honorable, serious businessman who is struggling to fit into the role of the Earl. He thinks he need a wife who won't cause a scandal, a sweet, demure innocent. Lightening strikes though when he sees Joss again. His desire for her is frustrating him and all kinds of ways.

I loved the plot! Heath's friend is killed carrying secret papers and Joss turns up in her carriage to help the confused Heath. The intelligent body collectors return to help and the Somerhall family butler and driver return to help with the adventure. I love how Heath is shocked at the knowledge of what Joss and her family really do. There is a bit of secondary romance as well. We get to see people from the other stories and the villian gets a satisfying end.