Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: A Touch of Passion by Bronwen Evans

My Rockin' Review


The 3rd installment of Bronwen Evan's Disgraced Lord's Series! It's been fun watching the Libertine Scholars fall in love and try to find out who is trying to get vengeance on them all!

Lady Portia Flagstaff nearly died at age 16. She is determined to live life to the fullest and thumb her nose at Society, which is very unusual in that time period. She's been in love with her brother's best friend Grayson for ages. He catches her at a Cyprian Ball and kisses her to avoid her brother from catching her. Then they head off to war.

Grayson Devlin, Lord Blackwood has lost too many people he's loved.He's come back from war damaged and feeling that his love causes doom. His parents and sister were lost when he was young and the tragic loss of his best friend in the war has made him swear off loving again. He guards his heart with iron walls. He has one weakness his lust for his best friends sister, Portia. He's determined to resist her and find the perfect wife, one who won't argue with him or entice him in anyway so he won't fall in love with her.

Portia gets tricked into thinking she's going to meet Grayson and gets kidnapped and transported to a harem. I wish there was more drama and description there. There is no POV from the heroine saying how she felt about her adventure. Grayson miraculously gets there fast and gets her out. More action conflict was needed there, I think. I'd like to have seen more of the harem.

Overall it was an good solid read. Not the best in this series but I look forward to more and to finding out who this devilish fiend plotting against the Libertine Scholars turns out to be.


A Whisper of Desire (The Disgraced Lords #4), Lord Maitland's story is due to come out December first. Pre-order now!


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