Thursday, August 6, 2015

Review: Tremaine's True Love by Grace Burrowes

My Rockin' Review


Hero: Tremaine St. Micheal – The commerce driven male! Yes, this gentleman is in TRADE. What kind of trade? SHEEP! While you might think that’s boring, the way Tremaine cares for his sheep is adorable! Tremaine was a likable guy. He liked Nita from the first, even though he heard Nicholas, Earl of Bellefonte, her older brother, give her a 10 minute berating before he even met her. He respected Nita for her willingness to work and help others even though he could be a bit condescending at the same time.

Heroine: Lady Nita Haddonfield- Nita cares about the poor. She’s a healer and nurturing soul. She’ is feeling displaced as her brother the Earl recently got married and she’s no longer the woman of the house. She’s determined to nurse the sick, sometimes at a detriment to her own health.

The book had a lot of different viewpoints, you’ll see the thoughts, feelings and actions of most of Lady Nita’s family. There is subplot of a dastardly suitor for one of the Lady’s. George, who has leanings toward men, comes to befriend a marriageable widow and her son.

The romance between Tremaine and Nita was slow. They both had no interest in love and marriage at the beginning. They fell into friendship then slowly into love. The heat level was low. This book had more a women’s historical fiction feel to it than a romance. There was family drama, a bit of humor and romantic drama as well.

I tend to snap up anything Grace Burrowes writes as I’m a huge fan of hers. This one was a great book and I’d recommend it to anyone who is already a fan. If you haven’t yet read her, I would advise to start with an earlier work.

(I really wanted to smack Nicholas several times! He was really trying in this book! His and Leah’s book is Nicholas: Lord of Secrets, Lonely Lords #2)