Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Review: What to do with a Duke by Sally Mackensie

My Rockin' Review


It starts with a curse. 200 years ago it is believed that the Duke of Hart cruelly left a wealthy spinster pregnant and she chose to end her life. She cursed the the Dukedom to have every Duke die before his heir is born. She set up her house to become the Spinster House, where the Duke of Hart has to choose a spinster to live in the house until she dies or decides to marry.

The current Duke of Hart is called the "Heartless Duke", but he is far from heartless. I felt for him the lonely orphaned duke, never to know his own child. He craves family but has had to harden his heart because of his belief in the curse.

Catherine "Cat" is a vicars' daughter. She has 10 siblings. Who could blame her for wanting to remain a spinster? All she wants is some peace to write her novel. She is one of 3 spinsters vying for the right to live at the Spinster House. I loved her character, she's stubborn, willful, independent and no innocent miss!

Every character in this novel was well thought out. Each had an original personality. I especially loved the youngest of Cats sibling , the twins. This was a different take on a historical romance. Humorous, scandalous, mysterious, and romantic the Spinster House series has intrigued.