Monday, September 28, 2015

Blog Ahead Goal Post ~ Let's get organized! #BlogAhead2015

blog ahead 2015

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Blog Ahead is hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup and Caffeinated Book Reviewer
On October 1st take your number of scheduled posts and add 31.
Whatever that number is…that’s your goal for the month.
You’ll end the day on Oct 31st with that many scheduled posts.
Example- If you start October with 5 scheduled posts you end Oct with 36 scheduled posts.
Wanna sign up? If you're welcome to join! You can HERE

  Posts list:

This is a list of all the posts that I would like to accomplish during this event. If I end the month with half finished and half drafted I will be over the moon, it will give me one hell of a jump ahead.
10 Review posts
5 Sunday Posts
4 Discussion posts
3 Tour Posts
3 Book Snacks
2 Possibly New Features
1 Ho-Ho-Ho Readathon
1 Travel With Nelle Posts
The rest will be my Top Ten books of 2015 (Genre, Heroine, Hero, etc)

I'll be keeping this post updated as I go along and also highlighting it on my weekly recap, the Sunday Post!
Since I don't have any scheduled for October this will be pulling double duty but I plan on doing 2 a day, one for Oct & one for Nov.  I might just draft all the Review posts, get all the author info in and then when the reviews are done plop it in there, and then we'll see on the rest! :)

I will be updating this post each week and republishing it so check back for my progress. I might even add more stuff in when I think of it :)

  My Progress

Week 1:

2 Tour posts prepped
1 New Feature post done
1 Travel With Nelle Posts done

I have a ton of review posts prepped and drafted. Let's see how many I can knock out this week. I worked 6 days this week at my "real" job. *whew* Let's get that overtime $$$!! Right? (more books!!!)

Are you joining Blog Ahead? Good luck everyone!