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Blog Tour: Scotsman of My Dreams by Karen Ranney #Giveaway

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“Are you afraid?” he asked.
“Of course not. I just don’t want to kiss you.”
“Not at all?”
“Not one little bit. Not an iota.”
“No curiosity about what it might be like to kiss the man Queen Victoria said was most certainly the worst rake in all of London?”
“You’re fibbing, Minerva.”
“I’m not.”
He lowered his head, brushed his lips over her heated cheek. To his surprise, she didn’t move away. Slowly, he traced a path to her lips, breathing against them before placing his mouth on hers.
A kiss should be an appetizer. A kiss was a prelude, strings being tuned in an orchestra pit, dawn on an important day.
A kiss was not a feast. A kiss was not an explosion of the senses. But this one was.
He could smell her, that hint of earthiness mixed with her new perfume. Her skin was warm against his fingertips, her cheek heating as he inclined his head slightly to deepen the kiss.
Her mouth opened slightly on a gasp.
He wanted to banish her sorrow, the pain Neville had caused her. He wanted to change the tenor of her thoughts, give her something to replace her dread.
He could give Minerva passion. That’s the gift he could give her.


My Review

Scotsman of My Dreams was a captivating historical romance. Featuring a strong-willed woman and a tormented hero who find that love can sneak up on you with the unlikeliness of meetings.

  Dalton McIain went to fight in the American Civil war with his buddies on a whim. A. Whim. How ridiculous! Obviously he comes home a changed man. He barely survived over there and is just barely existing when Minerva storms into his life. Minerva Todd, (oh I lurved her!) raised her younger brother Neville from a young age. In an the last act of many rebellions, he followed Dalton to war. He has yet to return. Minerva holds Dalton responsible and vows to harangue him until he finds Neville. Minerva is an archeologist, who has a dig in Scotland to get to, but she has to find her brother first.

This is the perfect "enemies to lovers" trope. Love can be blind but these two obviously can see each other for who they are.

"You can be the most arrogant, autocratic, rude creature it has ever been my experience to meet."

"While you, on the other hand, are impulsive, rash, and given to outlandish behavior with no thought to the consequences."

"You drove me to it."

Minerva Todd was making him insane.

Their witty banter and bickering to each other was refreshing to read.  Karen Ranney's use of history here is supurb! She's created an exciting tale of dealing with the trials of living during a Civil war. The title was misleading in that Dalton isn't Scottish, but has a Scottish family for cousins and the setting is in London.

Karen Ranney has given us extraordinary tale. I can't wait to read the next novel, An American in Scotland. Be sure to check out the Excerpt and Interview for In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams.

My Rating:
[rating stars="four-stars"]

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