Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hottie Heroes Quiz / Review: Brave the Heat by Sara Humphreys

     Ok ya'll!  We love men in uniform around here! *throws a kiss to the hubby*  Sara Humphrey's is launching her first contemporary romance series this month. Starting with the sexy Fire Chief Gavin McGuire! The McGuire Brothers feature five brothers, all men in uniform! The devotion that these siblings have for each other is matched only by their commitment to service, and eventually to the women who steal their hearts.

     The McGuires are protective, loyal, steadfast, and sexy. To get you in the mood for meeting these gorgeous men, Sara has written a quiz to see which type of uniformed hottie is right for you.


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The Hottie Heroes in Uniform Quiz

1. Where would your uniformed hero take you for a surprise vacation?

a. A hot tropical beach with cool blue oceans.

b. A sexy long weekend in the Big Apple.

c. Home. It’s his favorite place.

2. Which of these drinks would you share with your hot man in uniform?

a. Flaming Sugar Lips

b. Cosmopolitan

c. Stealth Bomber

3. When he arrives to pick you up for your first date, he’s driving a:

a. Well-worn Ford Bronco with flashing lights

b. Mustang

c. Harley Davidson

4. On your first date, he takes you….

a. To his favorite BBQ joint, the hotter the better.

b. To dinner and then to the top of the Empire State building for a romantic view of the city.

c. On a hike in the wilderness for a picnic.

5. He surprises you with concert tickets to go see:

a. Red Hot Chilipeppers

b. The Police

c. Zac Brown Band

6. What hobby does he love and want to share with you?

a. Cooking a great meal for a big crowd.

b. Murder mystery dinner theater is his guilty pleasure.

c. He loves to spend time at the shooting range and he hits the bullseye every time.

7. His favorite meal is…

a. 5 alarm chili

b. New York strip steak

c. Anything that doesn’t come in a MRE pouch

Ready to find out what your Hottie is?


If you chose mostly A’s then your perfect man in uniform is a Fireman:Men in Uniform

He’s hot to trot but definitely a low maintenance man. No muss and fuss for this family oriented guy.

If you chose mostly B’s then your perfect uniformed hottie is an NYPD Officer:

This guy is savvy and loves the big city, in spite of what he has seen on the job. He moves fast and plays hard. Can you keep up?

If you chose mostly C’s then your uniformed guy is in the Army:

He’s traveled the world to protect our county but his favorite spot is home. This devoted patriotic man loves nothing more than seeing you smile, especially since he has to be away from it for months at a time.





Army Wife all they way over here! I have mad respect for both the Fireman and NYPD Officers though! 


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My Review:

After having his high school sweetheart, Jordan, disappear out of the blue, Gavin has dedicated himself to his brothers and his fellow fire fighters. Fifteen years later and he is still hung up on her and asking himself why she left him. Gavin is such a sweetheart. I adored him! He's so protective and once a misunderstanding is cleared up, he fights for the second chance they've been given. He does tend to go overboard on the guilt for things he can't control, but isn't that any alpha man?

Jordan loved Gavin with all her young heart but left Old Brookfield to escape an abusive father. Years, two kids and a divorce later and she's back to start over again. Oh, and to visit her ailing father. I liked Jordan, she's a tough gal! She's been through alot and she's become very protective of her girls.

So there's this bit of mystery going on in the town. Someone is setting fires all over town. Gavin's having to put them out and try to find the culprit. I think it added a little suspense and grit to the story. There are a few scenes that get pretty dicey.

This is wonderfully sweet romance about second chances for first loves. The characters have depth and life to them. They burrow into your heart and refuse to move! I'm looking forward to reading more about the sexy McGuire brothers.

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