Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Going Home & Starting Over by Stacy Finz ~ Family Ties

Welcome to Stacy Finz's fictional small town of Nugget, California!

Come on in and grab a cup of tea! You're in for a treat!

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Here we have a brother, Nate and a sister Maggie, who come to the small town of Nugget, California to help Maggie recover from a betrayal. In Starting over Noah has helped Maggie buy an abandoned mansion to spruce up and turn into a bed & breakfast. Maggie meets Rhys Shepard, the handsome Texas detective, home on leave to arrange care for his sick father. Rhys can't wait to hotfoot it back to Texas and get away from the small town he grew up in, although the town, Maggie and a couple surprises from his father have different plans for him.

The Romance

There was very little romance between Maggie and Rhys until the late second half of the book. There, of course, are reasons for this as [spoiler]Maggie is married to her cheating ex and doesn't send in the divorce papers til the second half. [/spoiler] It makes it hard to connect with them as a couple.

There are great things about this one and I wouldn't give up on Ms. Finz because as you know I found her in Finding Hope which was a great novel!



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Then we come to Sam and Nate's story. Sam is a rich debutante who is rebelling and trying to find herself. She abandoned her society wedding and Wall Street fiance, while everyone was gathered in the church. I'm guessing she showed up in Nugget in her wedding dress maybe, I'm not sure as I've missed the third installment, Second Chance, and she shows up in that book. Anyways, she's been hired on as manager of the Lumber Baron while Maggie is [spoiler]on maternity leave. Yay!! Baby Alert![/spoiler].

Nate has major issues with Sam and I mean MAJOR. He's letting his past color his vision of her and that's really disappointing. One thing I can say about the Hero's in Ms. Finz novels, they AREN'T perfect!!

I admire Sam so much! That girl rocks in my book! She doesn't take too much of his gruff and when the sparks start to fly (the romantic ones) she doesn't let that distract her from how he treated her.

I really enjoyed the surprising twist at the end. You know, how they finally end up together. All I can say is sneaky, sneaky!


I've heard these stories compared to Jill Shalvis's Lucky Harbor series. I ADORE that series so it's rather hard for me to say that, but it comes close.



[rating stars="three-half-stars"]


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