Monday, September 14, 2015

Review: The Marriage Act by Alyssa Everett

My Thoughts:

A self-centered man sees a pretty 17-year-old daughter of a Bishop and "falls in love". The young girl on the rebound of a hurtful rejection accepts his proposal in an effort to spite the young swain. The marriage was doomed before it even began.

facepalm[br] Young Caro was idiotic, naïve and just plain silly. Chasing after a man/boy who rejected you AFTER you consummate your marriage to someone else?! [br]
Older Caro might have been older but definitely not wiser! She makes the same mistakes again and again. She's a consummate liar, always placing the blame for the marriage problems on John, deceiving everyone around her. [br]

John, in the beginning all he could see was her beauty and perceived perfection. He'd only had a few conversations with her before he proposed. Who does that?! [br]

When they met again, he was constantly hurtful. I can see he had his reasons, his pride had been hurt, years ago. It's hard to make amends with someone who gives you grief and a cold shoulder most of the time. [br]
It's hard to believe a marriage can develop trust in that short amount of time. Especially with the huge mistake in the past and the continuance of deceiving each other. [br]

The only savings grace was the Uncle and her father. Their conversation and interactions seemed genuine, although there was deception there as well. [br]

There needs to be trust in order to make a relationship work. It just seemed like it never quite got there for me. [br]  [br]

trust is earned




[rating stars="two-stars"]