Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review: Willow Brook Road by Sherryl Woods ~ The O'Brien's

We get to go back to the small town of Chesapeake Shores. What can a girl do when all she wants in life is to be a wife and mother? Carrie is a wonderful auntie, she takes care of most of the O'Brien children, but she's at a loss what to do professionally. Sam is shocked by the death of his only sister and her husband and the subsequent guardianship of his young nephew. Their meeting is significant and it follows on to their relationship, creating a few troubles to get past.

My heart goes out to Sam and his nephew, their struggle to cope is heart wrenching. The O'Briens' pull through and help though in their typical style, although, some a little too much.  We see some struggles within the ranks of the O'Brien family as well, which if you've read them at all is a little shocking.

All in all it was a nice addition to the O'Brien series. I always enjoy coming back and seeing what everyone is doing, especially that meddlesome Mick! ;) It's really hard to keep a long running series about a small town alive and fresh, but Woods is an expert at it!

*If you haven't read these stories from the beginning it's alright to pick up now but I'd advise for you to start with the beginning. You'll get so much more information as the family progresses through their trials and tribulations.