Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday Post #4 ~ Comic Con

The Sunday Post

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Whew!! This is a late post of Sunday. My sister came up and we headed to Nashville for Comic-Con! This was only our second visit but it was so awesome! I sat in on the Duke's of Hazzard Panel. Those talk over each other like brothers and sisters!  [br]  [br] Duke's of Hazzard [br] [br] 

Then today we went to watch Transylvania 2 with my daughter. When I think of Transylvania I think of the old movie Transylvania 6-5000! Who  remembers that movie?

Today we watched the Once Upon a Time season 5 premiere. My daughter had watched Seasons 1-4 on Netflix this summer, repeatedly. She asked me why they were so cruel that they wouldn't put Season 5 up on Netflix yet. LOL.  *Shaking my head* This is her first time to really get involved in a TV show that wasn't on Disney or Nick! 






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I stumbled onto a Bloggiesta Twitter chat the other day. Pretty fun! First Twitter chat! :) If you don't know what Bloggiesta is, it's a blogging marathon that helps you improve your blog an get some to-do lists done. They have challenges and prizes. It ends today but be sure to check them out. Bloggiesta [br] 

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What you ever been to a Comic-con? If so, where and how cool was it?