Monday, September 7, 2015

Tuesday Jams #5: When Will My Life Begin & The Rogue You Know

Tuesday Jams

This cool meme, hosted over at Brazen Babe Reviews, is called Tuesday Jams. You share a song, band or cover that’s caught your eye or been on your LOVE list!


The Thief and the "Princess". Remind you of a story? Yes, Tangled.flynn-rider-wants-his-own-castle Even the author says Gideon is loosely based on Flynn Rider. This is a story of adventure, learning who you are, and a love that ventures across lines. Lady Susanna Derring has  a very strict mother, she's on the verge of depression. In an act of rebellion she agrees to give Gideon, the thief who jumps through her library window, the one item needs on the caveat that he takes her to see Vauxhall Gardens. Gideon agrees to take her, he has no choice, she holds to key to him getting out of the gang. Susanna is a naive society princess and Gideon is a world-weary thief. I enjoyed them both. The characters were, for once, not tonnish. We get to see the live of the regular people in London. I would have liked the timeline to be slightly longer but I can see why it had to be short. Their relationship wasn't instant love which made for some funny scenes.

"How dare you speak to me?" He winced. Her voice was a knife cutting through his brain. "You asked me a question," he answered. "Twice." .

  [br] Gideon thought she was a spoiled, naive girl who whined too much.  

"It's hidden, and you'll never find it." His gaze flicked over the room. A large vase on the table behind her made the most obvious hidey-hole. "It's in that vase, isn't it?" She would have made a pitiful rook. She dashed to the vase, dug the bag out, and stuck it into her bodice. "If you wanted me to rip your clothes off, you only had to ask." He took a step forward.

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 There was a slight amount of heat in the story but not too much, the timeline didn't amount for much. There are a few twists and turns in this story that were unexpected. Overall, I'd say it was an enjoyable read. Although it's the second in the Covent Garden Cubs, it can be read by itself.    

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