Sunday, October 18, 2015

All I Want by Jill Shalvis ~ Kisses, Kittens & Dog Farts

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I have so many quotes highlighted from this book it's pitiful! Jill Shalvis is the queen of words! She's hilarious! *Sigh* If you've never read a Jill Shalvis novel you are missing out! My review is pretty short today. I'm just going to say I loved it and share some quotes to prove how good it was.


“You can work on an airplane but you can’t fix anything here at the house?”
“Yeah, well, I’m an enigma,” she said. “An annoying one. Just ask anyone in my family.”


“He doesn’t seem that nervous to me,” Parker said.
Oreo farted audibly.
Zoe fanned the air. “See? Nervous.”
Parker laughed. “My guess would be he’s eaten some of your cookies.”

The Relationship

“We made it an early night,” she said.
“Because of your dress?”
“Oh my God,” she snapped and brushed past him, shoulder-checking him as she went through the living room ahead of him. “You’re impossible. I don’t know why I even try to have a conversation with you.”
He had no idea, either. He was a complete asshole.”

"Oh, for God's sake. How the hell was she supposed to keep her heart safe when he was nice to her silly dog and he saved kittens and he fixed the things in her house that were broken while pretending not to in order to save her own damn pride?

Oreo & the Kittens

The tabby stalked underneath a mistrustful Oreo and stopped between the dog's legs, eyeing the long tail with a curious eye. Then the kitten crouched low, wriggled his but, and ...pounced.

And missed Oreos tail by a mile.

Still, Orio cried.

"It's okay," Parker said. "I promise they're not going to hurt you-"

Too late, Because Oreo lifted his leg and ...peed on them. [br]


What's your favorite Jill Shalvis book? What's your favorite story with pets? [br]  [br]  [br]