Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Finger Lickin' Foods ~ Egg in a Hole (Egg & Cheesys)




So if you've followed me for a bit, you'll know I'm a Army Vet. I spent 3 years in South Korea. I regret I have NO pictures of my time there, they were lost in one of our many moves (back before I went digital)  So anyways, the point of that was to say that after a good bit of partying the best thing to do before heading back to post before curfew was to walk down this long hill in Itaewon and stop at the Egg & Cheesy vendor. There's nothing like an Egg and Cheese sandwich when you're smashed.


I've made them quite a few times over the years but the other day I ran across THIS video on Buzzfeed. NIRVANA!!! I immediately went downstairs and made 2 of them, one each for the hubby and I. Since I saw that video last month, I've become the connoisseur of making those sandwiches, it has been requested that many times! *We had it for lunch just yesterday*  It's like a grilled cheese sandwich with an eggy goodness.

2015-09-05 19.39.25


I used Muenster & American Cheese

2015-09-05 19.47.34

MMM.. Goodness

As for drinks...

We also just spent 3 years in Italy... where I was introduced to wine...

*I've been culturized from my former country, Bud Light drinkin', former self*

There is this winery where I live and they have Blackberry Wine that is Delish!

2015-09-15 19.15.16

Beachaven Winery

My husband found himself a new drink

2015-09-05 19.32.30

Lemonade, a shot of JD Tennessee Honey Whiskey and a squirt of lime.


Here's a drink on me!

2015-09-05 19.33.34


What are some of the tasty videos you've seen fly by in your FB feed lately? Do you have any Food Blogs you stalk?

If so, Share please!