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Guest Post w/ Codi Gary ~ Sneak Peak ~ Men in Uniform

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Please welcome Codi Gary to the blog today! She's going to dish a little about the Stars of the Men in Uniform Series!

When starting a new series, there are the characters you had plans for before you even started writing and the ones that surprise you. When I had turned in my series proposal, I had two characters that were fused into my brain that worked at the Alpha Dogs Training Program; Dean Sparks and Tyler Best. Both of these characters got their last names from Taylor Swift songs (hush!) and I was stoked to develop them. [br]
But first, I needed to introduce you to my new world. Enter Oliver Martinez, a tough MP whose dad was in the military stationed in Texas. When he met Oliver’s mother, he fell in love and when they married, he took her last name. Oliver is the oldest with twin sisters, and grew up bilingual. Although he got in trouble in his youth, he grew into a mature, caring man. However, he can be a little tactless at times, which irritates our heroine. [br]
Which brings me to his love interest, Evelyn Reynolds, who is also the oldest with a spoiled younger brother. While Oliver’s dad was discharged from the military and became a cop, Eve’s father is a general who runs the base Oliver is stationed at. Moving around a lot as a kid and dealing with her overbearing father, Eve learned how to be independent and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She also doesn’t want to live the life of a military wife and has avoided getting involved with a military man…until now. [br]
And our main supporting cast; [br]
Dean Sparks, who I mentioned above, is the director of Alpha Dogs and Oliver’s friend. Stoic and serious, Dean is the rock that everyone leans on. The oldest of six siblings and half Jewish, he grew up in New York before joining the army at eighteen. A year ago, he became the only survivor of his team and is waiting on his psychiatrist to clear him. [br]
Tyler Best is a wise-cracking, woman loving Marine who was shot along with his military dog while on his second tour. His dog didn’t make it and it has eaten Tyler up. He was assigned to Alpha Dogs because of his animal training and behavior background and is slowly overcoming his loss.
Megan Brice is one of Eve’s best friends. They lived on base together, since Megan’s family was army too, and later, she enlisted. Medically discharged, she is trying to adjust to being a civilian, and speaks her mind. Whatever comes to mind. [br]
General Reynolds is a hard ass man used to getting his own way…except with his children. [br]
And last but not least, Beast. Beast is at best guess a mastiff mix with short reddish brown fur and a short wrinkly face with large jowls and lots of drool. He was dropped off at the shelter by his previous owners and was at the shelter so long he was set to be euthanized. Although he is a funny, sweet dog, it is discovered that he suffers from separation anxiety, which can lead to some funny and heart-wrenching situations. [br]
I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my new cast of characters and hope you enjoy Oliver and Eve’s love story. [br]


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Thank you for coming onto the blog today Codi! Click the link to read my review of I Need a Hero [br]  [br]