Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hope Springs on Main Street by Olivia Miles

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Jane Madison

Jane is recently divorced and still recovering from her exes affair. She's a strong woman who, eventually put her foot down with her philandering ex. She is the "mom" of the family and has a habit of keeping her troubles to herself.

Henry Birch

Henry is Ivy, Graces best friend's brother and also the best friend of the jerk of an ex. in town to sell his recently departed mother's house, send then get back out of the small town that's full of gossips. He's also a travel writer, who if he would, could help put Hope Springs on the map. [br]



This one took me a while to get into. I never really found a love for Henry. He could never  make up his mind on whether to support Jane or Adam. His wishy-washiness almost ruined the story for me. Jane and her precious little girl held my heart and kept me reading. They deserved a happy ending.  The chemistry between them was tangible, but with both of them resisting at every turn, it was frustrating to watch. The sex was fade to black, so it made for a sweet romance.


Henry supposedly cared for Jane before her right out of high school marriage. His failure to be honest with Jane, both in the past and present, just irritated me. His sudden decision to back Jane in the end just didn't do it for me, while I applaud what he did, it didn't make up for all the previous years of indecision.


We got to see quite a bit of Ivy and learned who her love interest will be and I'm quite  looking forward to reading her story. I know I've been pretty hard on Henry but the rest of the book is really good. I enjoyed the pajama parties and getting to catch up with the previous couples.



[rating stars="three-stars"]