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Quote-Tastic ~ 5 Things I love about... Munro "Bear" MacLawry

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5 Things I LOVED about… Munro "Bear"

♥He's loyal, loving and not afraid to stand up for what and who he loves.
♥He's SO much smarter than the "lunk" he and his family think him.
♥He's a big strong "Bear" of a man, but also has a heart as cuddly as a cub.
♥He's big, braw and handsome.
♥He's a kilt wearing, Scottish Highlander who's not "domesticated"!

As Munro is the last of the MacLawry's to find love, I expected a lot from this one. Enoch delivered. Yes the Scottish burr is prevalent but it's authentic, so I enjoyed it. Munro "Bear" MacLawry had interested me since the beginning of this series. He's appeared to be a great lummox and all brawn and no brains. *Sigh* He's so much more than that.

His brother Arran, set between himself and Ranulf in age, had several times accused him of being uninterested in puzzles and mysteries unless he could put the result on a plate and eat it. A crack shot, trousers, long red hair, and tits, though, added up to a puzzle that interested him.

Catriona Mcdonald is a conundrum for most of the world. She has her reasons for wearing trousers and having a mannish look. She's helped her half sister run away from a potential husband and vows to help keep her hidden until she reaches her majority. She's also on the run from the McDonald's plan for her future.


I absolutely LOVED them too together! From the very beginning their chemistry flew off the page. All the MacLowery's had crazy courtships, why should this one be any different?


I didn't care for his family's actions at ALL. They rather made me angry. Suzanne made us fall for each of them in their books but in this one she changes them and I just wanted to punch his brothers so badly. It's like they have their HEA and fuck their brother... he's a lummox and just give him food and he'll be good...Pat, Pat. GRRR.
“Just do what ye do best.”

Munro stomped over to his wardrobe. “Ye have nae idea what I do best,” he muttered

I THOUGHT at one point Aaron was going to pull his head out of his ass...
“I married a Campbell lass,” he said unexpectedly. “Did ye know that? The granddaughter of the Campbell.”
“Bear told me. And I’ve heard tales.”
“I nearly began a war to keep her by my side. And I’d do it again, in a heartbeat. Mary’s the air in my lungs, and the blood in my veins.”

And then I found out I was wrong. *Sigh* Sometimes men can be SO stupid!

You can read this book stand alone because while the others are in it, it only shows brief glimpses of them. Although, I'd read the series from the beginning anyway because after this one you might want to read their stories. (You should, but they acted very differently in this book)




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Do you have any favorite Highlanders? Got any new ones's you want to share?