Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: Barefoot With a Stranger by Roxanne St. Claire


Heroine: Francesca "Chessie" Rossi

Computer whiz "hacker" for Guardian Angelinos, the family business. She wants to stay out of the field, find a husband and have children. You know, the whole family and white picket fences, deal?

Hero: Malcolm Harris

Former CIA "spook", Gabe Rossi's friend, Spent past four years in  federal prison for embezzling from the government. He wants to help out his friend, then try to keep his head down and live his life as best he can as an ex-con, without interference from the government agents watching his every move.


The Meetup

Ever walk on the wild side? Chessie never has, she's always the one who never deters from a plan once it's been made. When her flight is canceled to Barefoot Bay she ends up in the bar with a sexy stranger. One thing leads to another and then BAM he leaves in the middle of the night.


The Situation

Apparently Gabriel Rossi has a son he didn’t know about that's still in Cuba. Gabe can't get into Cuba without being shot on sight, so he has enlisted two people he trusts to find his son for him. Why though did his sister turn white when he introduced his pal Mal to her?

Road Trip! From the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport to beautiful Barefoot bay to war torn Cuba, Chessie and Mal search out answers on where Gabe's son can be found. Traveling through Cuba in close proximity with each other in an old clunker of a car makes it hard them to resist each other. Especially after their passionate one night stand at the airport! Hmm... what will Big Brother, Gabe, think about that one?!


My Thoughts

I'm so dang excited to get back to the romantic suspense Rocki is known for! We met Gabriel Rossi in the Guardian Angelino's. He was the brother who sneaked in and out and had some awesome snarky , arrogant lines. It was all leading up to his story when her publishers cut it short. BOO! If you've been a fan of Rocki's for long you'll know we all waited for Gabe's Story.  She found a way to tell it in this arc of the Barefoot Bay stories.

But wait!! This story isn't about Gabe yet! His baby sister Chessie gets her story first! And oh what a heck of a one it is too! I loved the chemistry between Chessie and Mal! The shenanigans these two get into on their adventure! Once Chessie realizes that Mal was wrongly convicted, she insists on using her skills to finding the real culprit.  Can she find out who he/is though before he finds and eliminates them in Cuba?

I loved how Chessie realizes she's more like her badass family than she thinks. Mal has some life learning to do as well. Over all, this was a fast paced, suspenseful story.

Gabe's point of view is shown in the story in bits and pieces as he grieves the loss of the love of his life and waits to find out more about his son. Rocki drops some clues in there at the end so we'll eagerly anticipate the next book, Barefoot with a Badass. Gabe's Story! Finally! *Sigh* Is it the new year yet?!



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1st in the series



I'd recommend you read The Guardian Angelinos to get some background on the Rossi's. You don't have too, but you should! ;)

The Guardian Angelinos



Have you read Roxanne St. Claire? Are you a Gabe fan?