Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review: The Lady Hellion by Joanna Shupe

The third book in the Wicked Deception series by Joanna Schupe. I've read both of the others in the series and really enjoyed them. They can be stand-alone though.

Sophie considers herself an unmarriageable spinster because a rake duped her into losing her virginity during her first debut. Sophie grew up attached to her father's hip, a marquess who acted as a magistrate so she learned about criminal behavior from a young age. She is a rather unusual lady, in that she is secretly running an investigation, while disguised as a man, on some lowlife that is murdering prostitutes. She travels through brothels and gaming hells in search for the serial killer.

Lord Quint is a genius who decodes secret texts for the government. He recently took a shot in his shoulder while on a mission in the previous book. Sophie secretly helps Damian recover from a deathly fever induced by the infection of his wound. Subsequently, he is now housebound due to panic attacks and the irrational fear of public spaces. He fears he's going insane like his father did.

Sophie and Quint have history. She rejected him after one kiss, years ago. The chemistry between them sizzles. The friendship between them is lovely to behold. After he recovers she notices that he never goes out to give his lectures and she makes a deal with him. If he helps her find the murderer she'll help him with his panic attacks.

This story was a mixture of adventure, mystery and a very passionate love story.
It was different to see the heroine doing most of the action while the hero is suffering from a terrible disorder. It no way detracts from the awesomeness that is Quint, the nerdy lovable man!

There are several surprises in this plot that I didn't see coming which is always a good thing!