Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Interview with Addie Jo Ryleigh & The Duke's Temptation + #Giveaway

Welcome Addie Jo Ryleigh to the blog, everyone! [br]
First tell us a bit about The Dukes Temptation? [br]
In The Duke’s Temptation, Gabriel St. James, Duke of Wesbrook, is presented with the one thing that proves he is as unscrupulous as his father, his illegitimate daughter. As much as he wishes it otherwise, he can’t find it in himself to turn her away. In a bind to find proper care for her, Gabe is forced to accept Lady Elizabeth Blakely’s offer of assistance. Which would be perfectly reasonable if he wasn’t harboring a secret desire to have Elizabeth in his bed, and the pesky detail that she is his best friend’s sister. Gabe’s trouble to resist Elizabeth is only heighted by the fact that Elizabeth has been in love with Gabe since she was a child. [br] 
2. Twitter style(140 characters or less):
a. What do you like about Gabe best? [br]
That no matter how corrupt Gabe thinks he is because of his tainted Wesbrook blood, he can't lock Elizabeth or his daughter out of his heart. [br] 
b. What is Elizabeth's best trait? [br]
Elizabeth is devoted. Even though it may be unwise, she loves Gabe through his difficulties and comes to care for his daughter as her own. [br] 
3. Your favorite quote or scene in the book? Did something make you laugh or smirk? [br]
As much as I love the battle of wills between Gabe and Elizabeth, Aunt Mille often stole the show for me. The following is just one of my favorites. [br] 
“Of course,” Millie answered in mid-wave to Lady Martin and Lady Callow as they stared and whispered intently under their parasols. “Once the next Lord So-And-So is caught with his breeches around his ankles while his wife is otherwise occupied with the head groom.”

4. What's next in the series? [br]
Book two, The Runner’s Enticement, is Nate’s story. In The Duke’s Temptation, Nate, Gabe’s bastard brother, is key in discovering crucial details about Gabe’s past that finally allows Gabe to start thinking he might be capable of loving Elizabeth after all. In The Runner’s Enticement, we learn exactly how Nate has such a skill and his own struggle to shed his bastard status and find his place in society and the world in general. It might just take a well-born bluestocking to do just that, even though her status is the very thing keeping them apart. [br] 
5. What has been your favorite book you've read so far this year and why? Any upcoming novels you're eagerly anticipating? [br]
Ahhh, a tough question. I have a bad habit of all, or at least most, books I just finish reading becoming my new favorite. I also discovered some great contemporaries over the last year. Listing my top 100 would be much easier than singling out one. But if forced to pick, it would be Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid by Suzanne Enoch. A lot of why I enjoyed this book is because I was dying to read Rowena and Lachlan’s story after getting a peek of it in the first two books of the series. And who wouldn’t swoon for Lachlan, especially in a kilt.
I’m impatiently awaiting the release of The Rouge Not Taken by Sarah MacLean because I don’t think I’ve ever read a book of hers I didn’t love. [br] 
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