Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rotten boys & True Gentlemen ~ Daniel's True Desire by Grace Burrowes

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I went into the story with a few misgivings at the start. So much so that I ... skipped to the end. I know right?! Bad girl!! But I had to, I simply had to! My anticipation was that great! It did not stop me from reading the book in its entirety, though! I'm so glad I did!

Daniel Banks is the most compassionate, caring, honest man you'll never meet! I adored him from the start. He was dealt a bad hand and oh, how I loved seeing him fall for the often grouchy, outspoken, kind hearted Lady Kirsten.  He was the perfect vicar, always thinking of others and a great teacher of frog hunting.

Kirsten Haddonfield has had her share of troubles. Ditched by two fiance's, she's determined to be the best auntie to her nieces and nephews. She's often thought to be a termagant and very outspoken. Inside, though, she's just broken hearted and in despair of ever finding someone to love.

Daniel and Kirsten's path to love is a troubled one. One that is surprisingly different and well done. I had a few misgivings in the beginning when certain things were left unsaid, as Lady Kirsten began to fall for him. If you've read the previous novels you'll know what that certain thing would be, but if you haven't it, it's explained well enough that you won't miss it. I could just feel the tension as trouble loomed.

In this one, Daniel has six mischievous little boys come to live with him in the Haddonfield Dower house. His "little scholars" warmed my heart. I loved Kirsten's interactions with her "rotten boys". They each had their own personality and it was a delight to see Danny and Digby interact with them and each other. Matthias' troubles were worrisome to me and I rooted for him to succeed.  I envision a future series called "Rotten boys" ;) (Please, MS. Burrows!!) We got to see the viewpoint of Danny and Digby as well as a few other secondary characters.

I was expecting a more dramatic ending, but I felt that it was finished in the correct manner. Daniel kept my respect and proved that he was a very good man. Daniel was a True Gentleman.If you hadn't noticed by now, I fell a little bit in love with Daniel. Sigh, he is oh, so loveable.  If you like men who have a heart of gold, no deceitful bone in his body, and one who loves children, you'll love this one! It was refreshing to read about an honest gentleman.



[rating stars="four-stars"]