Monday, January 18, 2016

Review ~ A Sinful Deception by Isabella Bradford

Bradfords’ second novel in the Brecondridge Brothers Trilogy, proves that her heroines are not the norm for the genre.

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Lady Serena Carew, a noble-born heiress was raised in India. The hero, Lord George Breconridge spent some time in India, although after she had moved back to England, so they never met, but have a common love of the country. They meet on a dare and it leads to a marriage neither is ready for. As they fall in love, the huge secret Serena hides threatens to tear them apart. This was the perfect setup of romance and angst as the reader waits to find out how and when the secret will affect the couple. Her jerk of an uncle accuses her of being an imposter and even goes so far as to abuse her elderly aunt. Bradfords' story has depth and tons of character. I, personally, love stories with a little meat to them and this one provides that! [br]

Lord Geoff, is the essential lady’s man, but when he meets Serena, he’s intrigued. His falling for her is so sweet and Serena, while she’s scared of how her secret might affect her relationship with him, can’t help but falling for him. I couldn’t tell if this one was going to get a traditional HEA or not, and it was a little frustrating for me but it kept me reading! I do LOVE how it turned out though! Can’t wait to see what unusual plot and setting Bradford has created for the last brother, Rivers!


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Lord Geoffrey Fitzroy leads a charmed existence. As the second son of the Duke of Breconridge, he has none of the responsibilities of his older brother and all of the advantages, leaving handsome Geoffrey free to enjoy his rakish pursuits. And pursue them he does, leaving hearts fluttering all over London. But one night, at a ball teeming with high society's most sought-after beauties, only one truly intrigues him: the regal, aloof, and mysterious Miss Serena Palmer.

Magnificently dressed and wearing jewels befitting a queen, the lady is considered the prize of the season, a noble-born heiress raised in India. But even as Geoffrey's fascination grows, Serena deftly deflects his curiosity—and with good reason: Serena's exotic past contains a perilous secret that could destroy her. Yet her plan to live in safe solitude is thwarted by her hungry heart, and soon Geoffrey's passionate seduction finds her blissfully bed—and wed. Will her deception destroy her chance at happiness as Geoffrey's wife? Or will the devotion of her new husband reveal the only truth worth embracing: her undying love?


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