Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lady Bridget's Diary

Guardian and Wards! Carriage Accidents and Betrayal. Seduction and Revenge! Anna Harrington Brings it All in her debut novel, Dukes are Forever!

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A book based of of Bridget Jones's Diary!! LOVED IT!! Oh and Pride & Prejudiced too, I guess. I haven't read it...or watched it ...*Ducks and covers* I know I need to lol.

I loved the arrogant, stuffy Darcy! And the sweet innocent Bridget! I read this one on my Birthday.. Way back in March...I read it from cover to cover without stopping, such fun I was having!

I've since read the next one Chasing Lady Amelia.. but I much prefer this one! They can be read stand alone though!


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Battlefields and barrooms hold much more interest for Edward Westover, Duke of Swarthmore, than a little girl's fondness for dolls and lace. When he takes possession of his enemy's estate, everything that villain held dear—including his daughter—belongs to Edward. Hire a governess, arrange a dowry, give a few reassurances, and be off on his way—that's Edward's plan. But he's in for the shock of his life. For his new ward is a beautiful, impetuous, and utterly irresistible woman...


Kate Benton is stunned. Who is this arrogant, infuriating man who's invited himself into her home and taken over her life? Her vow: to do everything in her power to convince him to leave her—and Brambly House—alone. Yet as chilly days melt into sultry nights, Kate sees glimpses of kindness underneath Edward's cool fa├žade . . . and a passionate nature that takes her breath away. There's so much she doesn't know about this man. But does she dare trust this devilish duke with her heart?


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