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What are Emerging Technologies?

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emerging technologies

emerging technologies

Emerging technologies might sound like a fancy name for something that is not all that important, but these new technologies are about to change the world. Emerging technologies are technologies that have the great potential to change the way the world works if implemented and used correctly.

Gene therapy, nanotechnology, advanced AI are some of them, and emerging technologies are characterized differently than other similar technological advancements. To be an emerging tech, the idea in question has to have rapid growth, far-reaching impact, and an uncertain future. For an example let’s take advanced AI.

Advanced AI is growing smarter and faster, and it’s all around us in limited quantities. Smart devices and software are continually pushing advances into having more and more complex intelligence. Once the advanced AI is embraced, then it could change the world. However, it also has its fair share of questions raised. What will people do with advanced robotics? How will they impact jobs and the economy? Will they rise up and take control of the world?

All the technologies classified as Emerging have the same pattern, and many people have a lot of different opinions on this risky future of emerging technology. Some see the tech as a great way to help humanity, others fear that it could make certain ways of life extinct, and more wonder how the tech will be controlled and distributed. Will new advances completely destroy poverty or only cause more of it?

These questions have been what drives science fiction writers for decades, but the fiction is rapidly starting to become real. Now more and more people are starting to ask the questions about the world’s future, and with the growing list and the progress of emerging technologies, those answers need to start being considered.