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Why Digital Works Better For Transcriptions

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digital transcription equipment

digital transcription equipment

Transcription equipment has been around for at least seventy years by now. In the beginning, when these machines were first invented, they were rather large contraptions in comparison to the digital transcription equipment you now see in use today. Although it must be said that you hardly see them. Back then, the transcription machines were fairly large and placed on the corner of the office manager’s desk.

Whatever notes, memoranda, letters, documents, instructions, sales letters, and so forth needed to be prepared could be initiated straight from the horse’s mouth if you will. The office manager could dictate all formalized thoughts into the machine and when he was finished, he could press the pause or stop button. He could then replay the tape and once satisfied, turn over the heavy device to his office’s typing pool.

And the assigned typist would then proceed to make head or tail of what her manager wanted done. Head or tail because she would have to listen quite carefully. Fast forward to today’s times and she would hardly have needed to strain an ear. Because she would now be able to hear every single dictated syllable loud and clear. The installed digital technology was able to clarify matters for her. And today her manager no longer needs to root himself to his office chair to compile all correspondence.

He could be on the road and the moment something comes to mind; he could record his thoughts lest he forget them by the time he returned to the office. The digital transcription equipment works very well during interviews with clients. The interview can be conducted out of doors or in a busy coffee shop. And whilst the interview is in progress all outside noise and interference is completely blocked out.